Vision Statement

Engineering Principles

Bottom-up fabrication AND bottom-up system design
will make solar energy structures more efficient than
traditional fossil fuel systems.

Innovating manufacturing

The traditional manufacturing world has not been able to use many advances of nanotechnology because of toolset limitations and because they lack the ‘nano-speak’ vernacular needed to quickly integrate new ideas.

Likewise, nano-scientists do not understand the intricacies of modern macro-scale system design and usually do not deal with mass production requirements limiting their ability to scale up laboratory projects.

We want to bridge the gap between the traditional commercial engineering and new ideas coming from nanoscale innovations.

In serving as a bridge between traditional manufacturing and nano-scale assembly we can identify new approaches to not only chemical fabrication but to system design as well.

Modular Design

We believe in working on technology that can be used as building blocks for multiple projects. This way each success opens up new fields & opportunities for future projects.

Our first products SolarSoil, SkyMelt, and SeedBalls are the result of our understanding of chemical methods to incorporate nano-materials. We have several ideas on how to enhance our current products and how to leverage our successes into new the fields of desalination, distillation, and solar energy so contact us for more details.