Airplane De-Icer

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Ice & frost on airplane wings is extremely dangerous to flying. The U.S. airline industry spends over ~$750M dollars in the winter to chemically defrost their planes to stay on schedule. These de-frost chemicals are environmentally hazardous and must be carefully contained for special disposal or re-use. SolarMelts has designed a spray-able solar activated liquid de-icer, SkyMelt, that is completely bio-degradable. Our liquid de-icer solution can be used to passively absorb sunlight or can be used as a spray-able electrode that can heat surfaces when passing a current through it.


  • Carbon-based thermal coating for vehicle surfaces that passively absorbs solar energy
  • Acts as an active electrode to heat surfaces when connected to a power supply
  • Completely Bio-degradable!
  • Harmless to asphalt & concrete!
  • Less expensive than liquid de-icers or ITO spray-on electrodes