Solar Ice-Melt for
Roadways & Farms

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Product Status

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Salts are the most common and effective tool used for winter mantainaence of roadways & bridges but they are an expensive solution that is harmful to our environment, roads, and vehicles! Farms use a variety of methods to combat ice & frost that include physicals coverings and tarps, heated bedding, and even UV treatments. We developed SolarSand as a biodegradable alternative for roadways & farms that absorbs solar energy to passively melt ice & snow during sunlight exposure. Our solar-powered sand can locally heat the base of a plant melting ice & frost on the ground Our thermal coating is used to coat sand since it is commonly used for road traction in the winter, but both our SolarSoil product and our solar coating itself are compatiable with other de-icer products & salts.


  • Carbon-based coating for sand that absorbs solar energy
  • Out-performs leading salts on sunny days!!
  • Completely Bio-degradable!
  • Harmless to asphalt & concrete!
  • Less expensive than pricey salt products!
  • Perfect for any sand grain size
  • Mix compatiable with salt products